Tech Mania: The Thing I Miss Least About Teaching

 I’ve been out of the classroom for just over two months and I still teach online as an adjunct. I’m certainly not anti-technology; in fact, technological connectivity is what has allowed me to move to a rural area and pursue my dual passions of outdoor recreation and teaching.  But as I’m occupied with the minutiae … Continue reading Tech Mania: The Thing I Miss Least About Teaching

Empathy and Time Management

Compelled to watch a time-management TED talk at a meeting recently, I had the opportunity to reflect on the overlap between the speaker’s perspective and some issues I’ve been struggling with in the classroom this autumn, in particular our culture's seemingly diminishing capacity to engage in empathetic understanding and how best to encourage that understanding … Continue reading Empathy and Time Management

Listening to Students about Technology

According to the National Association of Independent Schools' Commission on Accreditation, twenty-first century students are qualitatively different from all students before them: I've been considering that assertion for some time, and began to wonder what would happen if we asked students for open-ended feedback about their experiences with technology in school.  If, instead of giving … Continue reading Listening to Students about Technology