All Aboard the AP Fail Boat


The Advanced Placement (AP) course I teach has recently undergone a significant redesign of its curriculum and test. As a result, the College Board has declared that this year, teachers need not submit their own syllabi for approval via the annual course audit process. Instead, we will be allowed to select from any of the four pre-approved model syllabi, designed by the College Board. I submitted a model syllabus in July and received approval within twenty-four hours. It was the most pleasant interaction I’ve had with the College Board in fifteen years of teaching AP classes. Continue reading “All Aboard the AP Fail Boat”

On Lecturing and Learning

Someone sent me a thing.  It’s by Grant Wiggins on why history teachers lecture all the time.  Here it is:

I had some feelings about it.  Then I had thoughts and those turned into a little rant. Here are my words, because dammit man this page isn’t going to start itself. Continue reading “On Lecturing and Learning”