Trip Report: Bad Skiing, Weak Satire

Saturday, 1/13/2018

Trip Report: My Couch (southern segment) 

Weather: 70 degrees, low humidity, 100% chance of ungraded essays. 

Preparation: I planned for today’s trip by checking the weather forecast carefully throughout yesterday evening and then not setting my alarm for this morning.

Screenshot 2018-01-13 11.57.35

Just, no.

Awakening at 7am, I quickly loaded my gear onto the coffee table and began the day’s mission. Stoke levels were high, since the weather was warm and dry; really perfect essay-grading conditions. I chose my 13-inch MacBook Air, which I think was the right tool for the conditions, though I could have gone with a 15” for more visibility. I’ve tried getting by with a one-laptop quiver, but there are times when you just need the maneuverability of the smaller machine.

There were no crowds at the couch save for the place’s mascot, an elderly tabby cat with an astonishingly loud snore. This was really surprising for a Saturday;  I estimated being able to get in about 7-10 essays per hour and I wasn’t wrong.

2018-01-13 11.30.49

Low Stoke Level


In a total gaper move, I checked a couple of online ski forums before getting started. This resulted in a 20-minute discussion on the relative merits of different universal-temperature waxes.  A real distraction. I think I need some lessons on how to stay focused;  I don’t want anyone lower than a level III instructor, though. I have serious focus issues.

Once I got down to business, the day turned out to be more challenging than I’d hoped. I expected strong, clear, and well-groomed thesis statements, and instead found myself slogging through push-piles of half-formed ideas spaced awkwardly between flat areas of plot summary.  I had to deploy a number of warnings about using the first-person voice and ended up taking more breaks than I’d planned because it was just rough-going at times.

2018-01-13 22.42.52

Difficult Conditions Here


I’ll probably keep at it until the evening, you really can’t beat these conditions, but I’m definitely going to hit the kitchen for a couple of beers later. A good day overall. See everybody on the mountain tomorrow!


2017-01-20 17.47.41

Today’s Apres: A Selection of Craft Brown Ales

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