Trip Report: Teacher Saturday

Saturday, 1/13/2018 Trip Report: My Couch (southern segment)  Weather: 70 degrees, low humidity, 100% chance of ungraded essays.  I planned for today’s trip by checking the weather forecast carefully throughout yesterday evening and then not setting my alarm for this morning. Awakening at a luxurious 7am, I quickly loaded my gear onto the coffee table... Continue Reading →

Monsters of Snowsport Modernity

* Landing in my inbox like a piano dropped from thirty stories, an e-mail from Blister Gear Review recently announced a horrifying development in ski technology:  * “DPS Phantom and the End of Ski Wax.”  * Apparently “Phantom” is a ski base coating that only needs to be applied once. Ever. The author blithely, and... Continue Reading →

Empathy and Time Management

Compelled to watch a time-management TED talk at a meeting recently, I had the opportunity to reflect on the overlap between the speaker’s perspective and some issues I’ve been struggling with in the classroom this autumn, in particular our culture's seemingly diminishing capacity to engage in empathetic understanding and how best to encourage that understanding... Continue Reading →

On Being an Outsider

  I was asked to contribute a little talk to a school assembly on the theme of being an outsider, so this is what I said: One late-summer Saturday when I was about twenty-two years old, I found myself standing at the checkout counter of a grocery store in rural Missouri, feeling very suddenly and... Continue Reading →

AP History: The Wrong Kind of Rigor

Anyone evaluating the role of Advanced Placement (AP) history in a school’s curriculum ought consider the following questions: What are the central aims of a good history class? What sort of history class would you want to take? What should the promotion of critical thinking and  intellectual rigor look like in a history classroom? Photo... Continue Reading →

Throwing Students to the Wolves of Online Harassment

“Fed by our own uncertainties, occasional anecdotes, and sensational stories from the media, we ignore the data that overwhelmingly show that digital environments are no worse - and often better - than in-person environments. That is to say, the data show that in-person environments nearly always have higher rates of bullying, harassment, and abuse/predation than... Continue Reading →

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