Empathy and Time Management

Watching a time-management TED talk recently, I had the opportunity to reflect on the overlap between the speaker’s perspective and some challenges I've noticed in the classroom this autumn, in particular our culture's seemingly diminishing capacity to engage in empathetic understanding and how best to encourage that understanding in students. The TED speaker was Laura … Continue reading Empathy and Time Management

Detecting Baloney about “Schools of the Future”

As part of a brief project before our study of the Scientific Revolution, I recently had my sophomore high school students read Carl Sagan’s “The Fine Art of Baloney Detection,” from his 1995 book The Demon-Haunted World. The aim of this mini-unit was to provide students with some tools with which to sharpen their critical … Continue reading Detecting Baloney about “Schools of the Future”

Fending off the Barbarians of Educational Technology

As I took my seat in a high-school auditorium recently, I noted with surprise and a bit of subversive pleasure that our speaker, a prominent author and professor of creative writing, had requested only a podium and an ancient, Little House on the Prairie-looking chalkboard as his stage setup. For the next forty minutes, this … Continue reading Fending off the Barbarians of Educational Technology